Corona Virus Information

Update 13/03/2020

Following the latest Government advice, we will be remaining open until further notice. However, the following new procedures will now be in place with immediate effect:

  • Please DO NOT send your child into nursery if they have a temperature. Children who develop a temperature during their session will need to be collected immediately. Children should remain at home for 7 days.
  • Please DO NOT send your child into nursery if they have a persistent cough or develop a new cough. Children should remain at home for 7 days.

We appreciate these new measures may cause some inconvenience to Parents but during these uncertain times we have to follow Government advice, safeguard children and staff and do everything we can to contain this virus. Thank you so much for your support and understanding at this time


Dear Parents – 10/03/2020

Just a little note to reassure you all that we are taking this virus very seriously. We are ensuring that the nursery is kept really clean and surfaces, door handles etc are being sprayed with Anti-Bac regularly. We are also encouraging the children to hand wash regularly, singing along to songs and rhymes to ensure they are really clean. We will continue to take advice from Public Health/Government and will of course keep Parents informed of any updates. We will continue to update our website with the latest developments. You will also find links there to the Government and NHS information pages regarding the ongoing CORONAVIRUS crisis.

Thank you


For the latest information and advice on the Corona Virus please visit the official Government advice web page by clicking the link below.

In addition, the link below is to official NHS advice regarding the virus. These sites are continuously updated with the latest advice and guidelines.

Apple Tree Day Nursery continues to monitor the situation and will react according to government advice as required.

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