Session Times & Fees

Session Times & Fees as from April 2024 


The nursery is open between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday for 52 weeks of the year, closing only for Bank Holidays.


Morning – 8.30 – 12.30

Extended Morning – 8.00 – 1.00

Afternoon – 1.00 – 5.00

Extended Afternoon – 1.00 – 6.00

Full Day – 8.00 – 6.00


Fees                       2 Years – 5 Years                       

5 full days              £269.00

Full day                  £60.00 (inc. all meals & snacks)

AM session            £31.20 (inc. snack & lunch)

Extended AM        £39.00 (inc. *breakfast, snack & lunch)

PM session            £31.20 (inc. snack & tea)

Extended PM        £39.00 (inc. snack & tea)


Fees                       Under 2’s

5 Full Days             £285.00

Full Day                  £64.00 (inc. all meals & snacks)

AM Session            £34.00 (inc. snack & lunch)

Extended AM        £42.50 (inc. *breakfast, snack & lunch)

PM Session            £34.00 (inc. snack & tea)

Extended PM        £42.50 (inc. snack & tea)

*Breakfast is offered on extended am sessions and full days. Breakfast is served between 8am and 8.30am.

Session fees include all snacks, drinks, meals and activities, short outings and other extra-curricular experiences. 

Due to children’s individual requirements, parents are asked to supply formula milk and their own preference of nappies as required. All wipes, creams etc are supplied by Apple Tree and included in the session price.

Fees are payable in advance either weekly or monthly on the first day of the week or month that your child attends.  Full fees are payable in the event of illness or holidays.  A minimum of 4 weeks written notice is to be given for cancellation of a nursery place or 4 weeks fees will be charged in lieu.

Apple Tree Day Nursery do not request a deposit or booking/registration fee on application.

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